The local artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. 

Get to know the current tenants at Vacancy Hall.

Saraswati Designs 

Holding light, sculpting treasures. 

Creative healing through wearable art. 

Canadian designed, handcrafted jewellery.

To view Saraswati's beautiful jewelry, check out or follow them on Instagram @saraswatidesign


Monday - Friday: 11 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm

Sunday: Closed

Inside Saraswati Designs In Vacancy Hall

MINBID ONE is a full time gallery and shop dedicated to showing the best work from MINBID's top local artists, western Canadian artists and new emerging talent. MINBID Art Auctions are a collective of Canadian artists hosting underground art auctions across Western Canada. Their events provide an opportunity for art collectors new and established to purchase works by upcoming artists from around Western Canada.

To see more from MINBID One Art Gallery & Shop, check out and follow them on Instagram @MINBID

Inside MINBID One Art Gallery & Shop In Vacancy Hall

Apollo Originals 

APOLLO was founded by two best friends from Nova Scotia now living in Alberta (Boo McNamara & Mattie Gordon-MacDonald). Sharing a huge passion for music, arts, tattoos, snapbacks and street-wear; they decided to take a leap of faith in September 2014 and created Apollo Originals. That idea has now turned into a movement we look to take across the country and then across the world. Join us on our growing mission to take Apollo "Universal".

To learn more about Apollo Originals, check out and find them on Instagram @apollo_originals. 

Inside the Apollo Originals shop in Vacancy Hall with the founders Mattie & Boo. 

Inside the Apollo Originals shop in Vacancy Hall with the founders Mattie & Boo. 

Hideout Distro 

A clubhouse for quality work made independently by artists, musicians, designers and makers from Edmonton and elsewhere

Find out more about Hideout Distro at and find them on Instagram


Wednesday - Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm

Thursday: 12pm - 6pm


Tory, founder of Hidout distro & Karma Victoria Jewelry, inside of the space

Tory, founder of Hidout distro & Karma Victoria Jewelry, inside of the space

Urban Alley Beauty  

Urban Alley Beauty is a brand new Vacancy Hall tenant providing lash, brow and makeup services. 

Find out more about Urban Alley Beauty at, on Instagram, or on Facebook. 

Leprechaun FX

Leprechaun FX is an Edmonton-based boutique guitar pedal and high-end sound cable dealer. Noticing a lack of representation in the area for handmade, unique or hard-to-get pedals, guitar cables, pedal boards and more – Leprechaun FX was born from the desire to offer local musicians an avenue to get this gear in their hands.

Our focus is to bring in products that the big retailers can’t – due to low volume order restrictions. We personally select the brands and models we bring to our shop. We aim to offer a selection of gear to musicians – whether professional recording artists to the casual but passionate hobbyist – with attention to great customer service.

Find out more at or on their Facebook.


Tuesday - Friday: 12 pm - 5:30 pm

Saturday: 12pm - 4pm

Inside Leprecahun fx in Vacancy Hall


Where modesty meets fashion

Uniteforms is a new tenant at Vacancy Hall. Uniteforms started as a custom uniform business and has now expanded to designing modest clothing to make more accessible. 

Find out more on Instagram @Uniteforms and  

Ebian, designer and founder of Uniteforms


Saturday - Sunday: 1 - 4 pm

Inside uniteforms in Vacancy Hall

Inside uniteforms in Vacancy Hall